Bi Curious and Bisexual Meaning

Bi Curious and Bisexual Meaning Bi curious is a term used for people who usually have sex with one gender, but are interested in having sex with the other. The term is often used to refer to people who identify as heterosexual and have an interest in exploring same-sex relationships or sexual experiences.

"Hetero-flexible" is another term similar to bi curious. However, the term "heterosexual" refers to people who identify as heterosexual and may be open to same-sex relationships. Bicurious may refer to this, but it can also be used by people who identify as gay and are interested in heterosexual relationships.

Some people think that the term "bisexual" can be discriminatory cause it means that one need to have a sexual experience before claiming to be bisexual. However, others find the term bicurious to be a useful term for those exploring sexual orientation.

What is the distinction between bisexual and bi curious?

Bisexuals are attracted to both men and women and make up more than half of the LGBT community. However, while people who identify as bisexual know that they are sexually attracted to both genders, those who identify as bicurious can still explore their sexuality.

Sometimes people who identify as bi curious will eventually be identified as bisexual. In other cases, people who do identify themselves as bi curious person, actually will find that they enjoy sex with only one gender and identify as either gay or straight.

How to Reveal Your Bi Curious Interest in a Relationship

The realization that you can be attracted to another gender can come at any stage in your life. Some people realize this in middle school or high school before they even have sex. Others may be married or be in long-term relationships.

If you are in a relationship and are interested in learning about your bi curiosity, consider talking to your partner. Some partners can be open and honest about their attractiveness. If you and your partner have been successful in talking about attraction in the past, you may discover new feelings of bicurious terms. Your partner may be willing to explore these feelings and share their level of comfort with you. Whether or not you can talk to your partner, it can be helpful to find other sources of support, such as meetings, therapy, or empathetic friends.

It is perfectly normal to admit attraction without action. If you're attracted to and in love with your current partner, having an occasional sexual attraction to another gender isn't a reason to throw your current relationship out the window. The most important thing is to make sure you and your partner are both happy and that their emotional and physical needs are met.

Helping Your Mate to Understand Bi Curious

Generally, it's hard to explain to your loved ones that your sexual orientation is not cut and dry. Although bisexual makes up more than half of the LGBTQ community, people who identify as bisexual or bisexual still experience more stigma and discrimination than those who identify as straight or gay.

Remember, that it is your choice when or whether to tell your loved ones that you are bicurious. If you choose to tell your loved one that you are two-fold, it's important to have a support network in case the conversation doesn't go as planned.

Many families know little about the support of LGBT family members and it may take some time for them to understand your personality. Here are some ways to help family members understand your personality.

  • Open your heart and give your loved ones a chance to think.
  • Find and explore more information about your bi curiosity and the LGBT community in general.

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